What is the best way to find tours and activities on Tradler?

The searching method on Tradler is unique and FAST. A couple of easy ways we suggest using our search feature are:

Firstly, if you are a new user, fill in your personal information on our platform to help us better understand your travel preferences. Secondly, use the search bar to apply filters and keywords that you already have in your mind (eg. Destination, Category). After these two simple steps, our algorithms will filter all relevant activities according to your profile, and provide you with the top 5 popular activities that fit your profile preferences. Our platform simplifies the search process for the user, eliminating the need to search through pages of activities, instead, we provide a list of desired results based on the user?s preferences, prior bookings and reviews. Tradler allows our users to choose from our top suggestions, or have browse the many others options on the platform!

How do we ensure the quality of the activities on our platform?

We check the quality of individual activities before putting them on our platform including hosts? bank activity, insurance, etc. We spent a significant amount of time during this process to ensure the safety, quality as well as reliability of every single activity that we allow on our platform. Our emphasis is focused on quality over quantity and we strive to facilitate travellers with the best traveling experience possible.

What is our cancellation policy?

  • The owners for the Activities reserve the right to cancel any activity, for any reason, 2 days prior to the date of the reservation.
  • Travellers wishing to cancel a confirmed reservation must do so in the platform with the following restrictions applied:
    1. Cancellations made 2 weeks prior to the reservation date will receive 100% refund. Cancellations made within 2 weeks to 2 days prior to the reservation date will receive an 80% refund.
    2. Cancellations made less than 2 days before the reservation date will not receive a refund.
    3. Restrictions may apply for bookings that include entrance tickets for an activity. If the tickets have been purchased prior to the cancellation request, you will not be refunded for the price of the entrance tickets.

Will you charge a service fee if I book on your platform?

Service fees will not be applied to travelers.

There are lots of reviews on the site, is my review useful and worthy?

Reviews are extremely useful and highly appreciated. Reviews will be filtered so that the user is provided with relevant and useful feedback from other customers that have similar profile interests, so that they can have confidence that the reservations they make will live up to their expectations. We encourage our customers to leave helpful reviews and share their experiences so that the our services can consistently be held to a high standard.

Is your online payment secure?

Yes, our online payment system is secure when processing your credit card transactions and we maintain a high level of security to keep your personal information safe. The advanced system encrypts your payment information to prevent fraud and unauthorized transactions from occurring.

Your credit card or other payment account will not be charged until after the host confirms the availability of the activity. If your booking is cancelled by the host, the full amount of the booking will be credited back to the users? personal account.

What is our payment process?

We require your payment details (eg. Credit card number) and a positive verification of the account on our platform before sending the booking request to hosts. However, we will not process the transaction until we receive the final confirmation of availability by the host. No cost will be charged to the traveller if the activity is unavailable. Payment will not be transferred to the host until 48 hours after the activity to prevent any emergency between travellers and hosts.

After I make a booking, how long will I wait to receive my voucher?

A wait time will occur for the final confirmation of availability from the host after sending a request to join, and at the time of the confirmation from host, the amount previously authorized will be charged and the booking will be completed. Next, you will receive the confirmation of the reservation at the email address you provided. If the Host does not confirm the booking inquiry within 48 hours from the request, the inquiry shall be considered rejected for all purposes, and no cost will be charged to the traveler.

If I have an emergency right before the activity, can I get a refund?

If an emergency occurs, a full refund will be issued as long as you cancel your booking within 48 hours before the activity. If weather conditions prevent the reserved activity from being carried out, you can choose whether to accept the rescheduled, alternative date for the activity by the host, or choose to receive a 100% refund on the price of the Activity.

What are your rules of giving reviews?

You are welcomed to leave any reviews in any form of language. However, false/offensive/racial and other similar comments that generate fear and hatred will not be tolerated and will be removed. For more information, please refer to the communication and messaging part of our terms and conditions.

What range of activities are covered?

We provide a large variety of local tours including, but not limited to, adventure tours, sightseeing tours, food tours and tickets for museums, exhibition, restaurants etc.

How many days in advance should I pay the activity?

You can book your activity at any point leading up to the activity. However, we strongly recommend you book the activity at least two days in advance to the date of the activity to ensure availability of the activity.

Who should I contact about a special request I have for a tour or activity?

The hosts are committed to communicate with travellers exclusively via the Platform?s messaging system. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, travellers can use the messaging system to communicate with the hosts about any related questions they have about the activities advertised on the platform.

Is Tradler responsible for all the consequence caused by the activity?

Tradler is dedicated to providing it?s users with the best experience possible. However, we do not interfere in any way, nor check the execution of the activities offered by the Hosts. Hosts accept the task of defining in advance the methods of implementation of the Activities, through the description of the Activities.

How can you ensure that the top 5 activity is the best fitting activity for every traveller?

Tradler?s platform was designed using highly advanced programming and artificial intelligence to match activities to travellers according to personal interests, preference, past experience etc. As a result, the more activities you have booked on our website and the more information you put in, the better we know about you and provide the best choices possible. We also filter hundreds of summaries and only provide you with the reviews from the customers who share similar interests and preference to ensure the reliability of reviews.

Do you have other tours or activities apart from the ones disclosed in each destination?

Yes, our platform provides a wide variety of activities. However, the platform is organized to provide you with the top 5 activities that may fit your interests and requirements according to your profile and all the information you?ve input into the platform. We highly encourage users to take advantage of our search options to discover the wide range of activities that are available.

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